These are the most important features of PageTurner:

  • E-pub support: ePub is quickly becoming the standard for e-books, both free and as sold online.
  • Cloud synchronization for reading progress: read a bit on your phone, pick up where you left off on your tablet.
  • Download e-books directly from the app: we include a number of sites, and you can add your own.
  • Works on any Android device with Android 2.1 or newer: this includes e-ink devices like the Nook Simple Touch
  • Integrates with Calibre: download books from Calibre Content Server, or manage your PageTurner library directly from Calibre
  • Search OPDS / Stanza catalogs: search for specific titles or authors
  • Search the text of the book: full text-search on books, with highlighted results.
  • Search the library: smart search lets you find books based on part of the title, author’s name or description
  • TextToSpeech: let it read to you while you drive or work out
  • Bluetooth integration: Bluetooth headset / carkit control (play / pause)
  • Page numbers: shows page-number like a book
  • Support Right-to-left reading: for reading books in Hebrew or Arabic
  • Animated page flips: simulates a real page turn, or simply slide the text out
  • Gesture control: change pages by tapping/swiping/volume buttons/d-pad
  • Auto-scroll: with rolling blind and timed page changes
  • Day / night mode: with configurable colour schemes
  • Renders tables: for use in text / tech books
  • Detects installed file managers: integrates with them for directly opening ePub files.
  • Integrates with ColorDict: provides dictionary lookup without Internet access
  • Search Wikipedia / Google / Wiktionary: look up words by long-clicking them
  • Configurable font-face and -size: make the font larger or smaller and choose which font you like
  • Browser-style scrolling: read chapters by fluidly scrolling through them, or page-by-page.
  • Brightness controls
  • Orientation locking: lock the device in landscape or portrait mode
  • Whitespace stripping: makes books easier to read by eliminating unneeded white-space.

This list keeps growing with each new version of PageTurner.