Access Keys

The Open Source version of PageTurner available on the downloads page of this site and in the F-Droid Market is fully functional, but does not include an Access Key for the Cloud Sync service.

You only need an access key if you installed the app from F-Droid or from the APK file here on this site and you want to use the cloud sync feature.

The versions on Google Play already have a key built-in, so you don’t need a key if you installed PageTurner from Google Play on all your devices.

Also, if you just want to use PageTurner to read on a single device, you don’t need a key either.

You can get a key in the following ways:

Trial keys You can get a free trial key which will work for 30 days to test the syncing functionality.Send e-mail to with subject “Trial Key”
PageTurner Pro users If you have purchased PageTurner Pro in the Google Play Market, you can get a permanent key for free.Send e-mail to with your order number and we’ll e-mail you a permanent key.
Paypal You can buy an Access Key through PayPal for 2 euros (same price as PageTurner Pro in the Market):The key will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

Contributor’s keys If you contribute to PageTurner by providing patches, translations, etc. we will also e-mail you a free key.Any donation exceeding 2 euros will ofcourse also earn you an access key.

Why do I need an access key?

The synchronization uses a back-end server, which means we have monthly expenses for rent and bandwidth. If you use either the ad-supported or paid version from the Android market you’re contributing a small amount of money. If you build your own version of PageTurner or use the ad-free version from this site, we require a small contribution to use the sync service.

What are my alternatives?

  • Download the free ad-supported version available on this site and in the Android Market
  • Buy the PageTurner Pro version from the Android Market.
  • The server software for the PageTurner synchronization server is available on GitHub. This allows you to set up your own sync-service and use that to keep your devices in sync. Please consult our Data Liberation page for more info.