For Publishers

We offer several services for publishers and content providers.

The PageTurner source code is dual licensed. The default license is GPL v3, which requires any derived work to also be licensed under the GPL v3. This means that if you wish to build a product based on PageTurner, you must provide full source code to your app.

Alternatively, we provide commercial licenses which will allow you to build a closed-source product based on PageTurner.

We offer substantial discounts on license fees if we also perform the customization / development work.

Branding & customization
We can create fully customized reader applications based on the PageTurner core, branded with your logo and name and optionally integrated with your online bookstore.

Pricing depends on the amount of customization needed and the license of the final product.

We can embed a book in a simplified version of PageTurner so that it can be sold in the Google Play Market in countries that do not offer direct media sales yet.

This allows you to sell your books as if it were an Android app and offers great convenience for readers: they can buy your book and start reading immediately.

Listing in the “featured sites” list
PageTurner offers users the option to buy and download books directly from the app. We provide a list of featured sites which are visible to all PageTurner users.

If your site has an OPDS feed we can add it to this list and send users directly to your content.

Extra features / priority development
Features are added to PageTurner based on the frequency of user requests, the effort involved in implementing them and their usefulness to users.

If there is a specific feature you would like to see implemented or prioritized, contact us for a quote and a time estimate.

For all these options you can contact us at for more information.