PageTurner was in part made possible by the great work of a number of other people:

  • Epublib by Paul Siegmann – Does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to reading ePub files. It’s what gave me the inspiration to start this project.
  • SeekbarPreference by Matthew Wiggins – Used for most numeric preferences.
  • AmbilWarna – Android Colour Picker dialog
  • Android Page Curl by Moritz ‘Moss’ Wundke – Provides the new page flipping animations :)

Development credits

The following people contributed code, bugfixes or documentation

  • Joel Pedraza
  • Ryan Mulligan
  • Angus Gratton
  • Rob Hoelz

Translation credits

The following people have contributed a translation:

  • German: Patrick
  • Italian: Lorenzo J. Lucchini
  • Farsi: Milad Khajavi
  • Spanish: Xes Garcia
  • Arabic: Anwar Al Mahrouqi