• Is it in the Android Market? – Yes it is, in both a free and a paid version.
  • Why does it say I need an access key?Access to the synchronization server with a non-market version of PageTurner requires a key. See the Access Keys page to learn how to get one.
  • Can I run my own synchronization server? – Yes you can. The source code for the server is also on Github. It can be run in Tomcat or any Java application server.
  • Which formats does it read? – Just ePub, by design. If you have e-books in any other format, Calibre does a much better job of converting them than PageTurner could do trying to support them all.
  • My custom styles and/or fonts aren’t showing! – The stable PageTurner (2.1) doesn’t support custom CSS or embedded fonts in ePub files,  but the current beta (2.2) does.
  • My sync doesn’t work! - Make sure you have entered the same e-mail address on both devices and that the book you are reading has the same filename on both devices. PageTurner identies books by filename.
  • Does it sync my ePub files? – No, it only syncs your reading position in the files. If you want to share your ePub files between devices, we suggest using either DropBox or Calibre content server / Calibre2OPDS.
  • How can I add my own catalog? – In the preferences, select “Manage custom OPDS catalogs”
  • The Calibre support isn’t working for me! – Make sure that the Calibre URL you are using ends with “/opds”. So if you’re running the Calibre content server on IP address and port 8080, the correct URL would be: Also make sure to use your actual network IP and not That is a special IP which is only accessible from the machine itself.
  • Does it support DRM?No, and it never will. DRM is just a bad idea in general and will prevent you from having your books on multiple devices… exactly the thing that PageTurner is for.
  • Since you have cloud sync, does that mean you can track what I read? - No, we can’t. We use an e-mail address as a unique key to see which devices belong together, but all information (including the e-mail address) is hashed before it is sent to the server. This means we can see that a person is reading a book, but not who is reading what. The only thing that is sent in clear-text is the name you give your device, so we can later display it to you for conflict resolution.
  • Does pageturner support epub3 standards. in other words, may i use it to read an epub paired with daisy technology for audio books (asked by Rami Rouchdi) – At this time we don’t support the ePub 3 standard yet, so things like audio and video aren’t supported yet.
  • Does it work on the Nook Simple Touch? – Starting with PageTurner 2.1, the Nook Simple Touch is fully supported.
  • Is it possible to read my books on a windows platform? (asked by Fred) – The easiest way to use PageTurner on Windows is by using BlueStacks (bluestacks.com). This allows you to run Android apps on your Windows system (or Mac)

Have a question that isn’t listed here? Ask us in the forums, or e-mail info@pageturner-reader.org