Site & development update

I kept meaning to write a post after 2.1 went into production, but kept forgetting… so now we’re already at the point that first beta of 2.2 is live :)

We also have a new look for the site, made necessary by a WordPress update… I kind of like the new look though :)

The 2.1 series is now up to 2.1.4, which looks to be nice and stable… responses have been positive, especially concerning the addition of TextToSpeech.

We’re working hard on the 2.2 version now, with development focusing on 2 things:

  • Text selection with highlighting and notes
  • CSS support

Both have been implemented and are working, so now it’s a matter of ironing out the problems and getting it working smoothly.

I’ve released a beta of 2.2 on Google Play, if you’d like to try it please join the Google Plus Group.

If you would like a non-Google Play build of the beta, drop me an e-mail and I’ll put one online.


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2 thoughts on “Site & development update”

  1. I haven’t tried Android Studio yet, but I think it should work.

    Personally I use IntelliJ Community Edition, and that works like a charm… since the new Android Studio is based on IntelliJ I’d expect it to work without a hitch.

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