What’s cooking?

Time for a quick update of stuff to come… I’ve been working on a number of dev branches, in various states of maturity….

Here’s a quick overview:


  • Improved OPDS catalogs: the Download Books screen has been completely updated to offer more download sites out of the box, but more importantly it allows you to add an unlimited number of your own sites. this one is pretty much ready for release, it just needs more translations.
  • TextToSpeech: lets PageTurner read a book to you while you drive your car, soak in the tub, etc. The basic functionality works, but it needs better UI before it’s ready to be released.
  • Improved rendering: I’m adding support for things like <font> tags and right-aligned text, so that things like poetry can be better rendered. The rendering itself works, but it needs extra Preferences (and translation).
  • Hebrew support: allows you to read right-to-left, and adds a better font for Hebrew books. Pretty much works, but needs to be translated.
  • Nook support: ProjectGus, a PageTurner user from Australia managed to get PageTurner running on the Nook and has been doing some awesome work in adapting the app to work well on e-Ink screens. I hope to have his changes integrated in the 2.1 release.

I haven’t set a release date for the 2.1 version yet… so I might include some other stuff as well. Text selection and highlighting are still on my to-do list as well, but I have to tackle some issues before I can implement those.


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