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I’ve been doing a lot of coding the past weekends, and I have been lucky to have the help of some awesome people that invest their time and effort to help clean up code, fix bugs and just plain brainstorm.

I’d like to thank everybody that has helped so far… you all rock :)

Now, what can you expect from the upcoming 2.0 release?

  • Text search: often requested in Market comments, and now implemented with a bit of regular expression magic :)
  • ActionBar: older versions used a “fake” actionbar, but the 2.0 release now uses ActionBarSherlock. It also uses the modern theme on platforms that support it.
  • Page numbers: probably requested even more often than text search. It does take some time to calculate page numbers, but it only happens the first time a book is opened. Since it might be a performance hit on older devices I did make it a preference with a default of off.

There are more small changes, but these are the major ones… if you’re interested in a full list, check the 2.0 milestone on Github.

I also enabled text selection on newer devices, and in the 2.1 release I plan to add highlights, annotations and notes.

If you’re interested in helping beta-test the 2.0 release, please drop me a line at


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