PageTurner Reader

A open source e-reader for Android with cloud-sync. Read any time, on any device.

How much do you read in a week? A couple of pages at night? Maybe a couple of hours on a Sunday? What if you could read a lot more?

PageTurner allows you to grab little moments of reading time, always, everywhere. Read a bit on your phone while you’re waiting for the bus. Read a bit more at home in bed on your tablet. Have the app read to you while you drive or work out… all seamlessly synchronized. You just open the app and it takes you to the place you left off, no matter which device you are reading on.

Read more books by grabbing quick reading moments anytime, anywhere.

Open, honest and transparent.

PageTurner is Free Software, meaning we respect our users and we don’t spy on you or sell your information. All the information we store to make the service work has been made unreadable (hashed) so that nobody, not even us, can compromise your privacy.

You don’t have to take our word for it: the source code is online and can be inspected by anyone. Our app has been checked by F-Droid and found suitable for distribution in their Market.

The PageTurner source code is dual licensed. The default license is GPL v3.

See our Publishers page for more info about commercial licensing and other services.